GARY N. DODSON, Ph.D.        

Curator - BSU Insect Collection




Educational Background

University of New Mexico, Ph.D. 1985
University of Florida, M.S. 1978
University of Tennessee, B.S. 1976

General Research & Interest Areas

My research program has been shaped primarily by my interests in animal behavior and ecology. While couching my projects within the framework of behavioral ecology theory, I have concentrated on insects and spiders for my study organisms because of the many advantages they provide in hypothesis testing. Invertebrates and their environments are desirable as subjects because of their great ecological diversity and relative ease of manipulation. The diversity, even within closely related groups, along with the potential for rearing and observing under controlled conditions, allows for comparative approaches often not available with other animals. The rapid generation times of most insects and spiders provides a more reasonable time frame for addressing evolutionary questions. It also provides the opportunity to examine co-evolutionary processes between insects and other rapid propagators, like some plants.

  My recent studies have involved antler flies in Australasian rainforests, hilltopping insects in eastern Australia and crab spiders in Indiana.  A summary of these research efforts and more can be viewed by going to my research page.

Graduate and undergraduate students working with me have studied insects, spiders, birds, and frogs.  Persons interested in graduate research involving questions in behavioral ecology may contact me.

I also serve as Curator for the Ball State University Insect CollectionClick here for the most recent listing of specimens found in our collection.  Contact me if you have an interest in accessing any of our specimens.

Courses Currently Teaching

Selected Publications

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